How to heal the intestines, if there is inflammation, dysbiosis or increased permeability.

Take organic apples or the ones grown without pesticides, remove seeds, but not the skin, cut into small pieces. Put the apples in a saucepan, add water, a third of the volume of apples, and boil until the skin becomes shiny. As soon as it does, pectin is released, and we needed pectin. Eat the cooked apples three times a day before meal.

Pectin promotes growth and reproduction of good bacteria in
the intestinal flora, normalizes stool and reduces appetite, by slowing down the digestion process.

It is also very important for stabilizing the metabolism and lowers cholesterol in the body.

Pectin is also a absorbent, it collects toxins from the intestinal walls and gently removes them.

But don’t add sugar to it!

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