Epigenetics is a relatively new science, it is a little over 50 years old.

It is about the fact that our genes, our heredity, is like a blueprint for us, but with our behavior, attitudes and believes, we can change the expression of our genes.

Scientists placed genetically identical cells in Petri dishes, but each of the three dishes had a different environment, which the cells fed on.

As a result, some cells became bone cells, others muscle cells, and others became fat cells.

We ourselves can change the biology of our body, even if we have a bad heredity.

We can direct any scenario for ourselves – we are not victims of what is running in the family, we can live active and healthy until old age. And also an unhealthy lifestyle can affect completely healthy genes and lead to diseases even in an initially very healthy person.

A prostate cancer study observed how cancer genes behaved. Two groups of men were divided, one changed the diet and lifestyle, the other did not. After 90 days, scientists found how more than 500 genes changed their expression and most of them were associated with prostate cancer.

The way we eat, how we cope with stress, physical activity, bad habits – can change the biology of the body.

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