Avocado burger 😀 Save the recipe!

It’s for everyone – If you eat healthy, or is on keto, or a low-carb diet, or not at all on a diet, or a vegetarian, or a vegan. For raw eaters there’s also an option.

Meat-eaters make your meat, fry it on one side, turn it over and put the cheese on it, fry a little more until the cheese is melted. Separately, fry the onions, cut the tomato, wash the salad, prepare the avocado.

Remove the avocado halves with a spoon from the peel. To do this, cut the avocado into halves, remove the stone, pass along the edge a teaspoon close to the skin. Then pry a half with a spoon and pull it out. An avocado should be ripe, but not very soft. Then cut the back a little from one half so that the avocado can be flat on a plate.

Season with salt and pepper, put the meat on that half of avocado, then onion, tomato, salad, cover with the second half of the avocado, season with salt and pepper again. To keep the upper half steady, stick a toothpick.

Vegetarians can replace meat for fish, vegans for tofu, raw foodists for jack fruit or fermented kimchi leaves. All the others, however, too.

Eat it is with knife and fork.

Fast and easy made, tasty, nutritious, healthy!

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