What is a low carbohydrate diet and why we need to eat less carbohydrates?

A low-carb diet implies that we replace harmful fast carbohydrates with slow and healthy, reduce the amount, and focus on the right proteins and fats.

Why do this?

In short, carbohydrates are like sugar. And even if you do not eat pure sugar, eating pasta or white bread, is just like eating sugar.

If after dinner with pizza you also take a dessert, don’t be surprised that despite three hours of sports daily, you can’t lose weight or do it with great difficulty.

The habit of eating dessert after every meal will not bring good for anyone. You might not gain weight instantly or get sick after three days of such nutrition, but slowly and surely this way of life will lead you either to diabetes, or osteoarthritis, increased cholesterol, or another metabolic condition.

👵 These are not the diseases of old age, it is the result of the lifestyle and nutrition that you have led so far.

Australian orthopedic surgeon Gary Fettke was tired of operating on cases that could be cured by nutrition, as well as seeing patients return. He set a goal and after 2 years in all orthopedic departments in Australia they changed the diet so that people after joint surgery would not be fed fast carbohydrates and desserts that cause cartilage inflammation.

He and his wife are educating about the importance of nutrition in connection with joint conditions. And yes, he earns less now, but sleeps better!

You will say it’s strange to eat meat or fish only with vegetables, what about rice, potatoes, pasta – you don’t get full without all that. And how do you a coffee without a cake? Why live at all in that case, right?

If you need a consultation on what and how to change in your nutrition, so you can eat for health, and not buying medicament in the future, you can contact me.

To be continued about carbohydrates…

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