🌱 Soy and fears associated with it

Soy products often blamed as containing phytoestrogens, and that excess estrogen can cause cancer. I know that this is not so, therefore I use bio soy milk for my matcha tea, coffee and chia pudding, but without sugar.

Yesterday I listened to the leading US breast cancer surgeon Christie Funk, who cleared everything for me regarding soy.

80% of cancer cells have 2 different types of receptors – alpha and beta.

Alpha receptors are for estrogen and attached to cancer cells.
Beta receptors are 1600% more than alpha and when they are activated by soy phytoestrogens, they shut alpha receptors!

In addition, soybean phytoestrogens inactivate the fat cell enzyme aromatase, which turns some hormones into estrogens, thereby reducing the amount of estrogen in the body.

Also, when soybean reach the alpha receptors, they only activate them at 1:10 or 1:100 of what estrogens do acting like tomoxifen drug that women with a history of breast cancer have to take.

Dr. Funk talked about studies in 72,000 women where it was shown that soy foods reduced breast cancer by 58%. And in women who have a history of the disease, a 60% decrease and 29% fewer deaths.

Another 9 years long study of 6,200 multi ethnic women, where women that ate soy products just 1 time per week, showed a 51% decrease in non-estrogenic forms of breast cancer, and a 32% decrease in estrogenic forms, and also a 21% drop in death from breast cancer.

Therefore, she recommends to her patients to eat soy products 2-3 servings a day, but only if it’s not GMO soy! Do not be afraid of soy, but buy the right one. 🌱

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